The following is a breakdown of the coaching specializations that I can offer. I provide various modes of assistance in order to help you improve your team and/or club. My expertise and services can reach beyond these parameters, adapting to any and all needs relating to leadership in sports and in life.

Coaches and Team Workshops:

Team Management:

  • Team building for coaches

  • Team building for teams

  • Communication: 
    how, when, why

  • Coaching the person first and the athlete second

  • Learning how to combine individual agendas with team goals

  • How to build a program from scratch, laying the foundation and culture 

  • Getting the team to buy into their own product as a means to motivate 

  • Finding a coaching "voice"


Game Management

  • Proper athlete mindset

  • Dealing with stress and competition anxiety

  • How to properly use statistics in sport

  • Dealing with officials

  • Learning to control what you can

  • In game communication 

  • Distraction control

Fostering Potential Success

  • Dealing with adversity and set backs 

  • How to avoid complacent successful teams 

  • How to properly periodize a season taking into consideration peak performances, rest and volume, while accounting for external player commitments

  • Focus, mental imagery and visualization techniques  

  • When coaches want it more than players

  • Defining success 

1.5 - 2 hour sessions where we will come in and take over a practice to run drills meant to reinforce any aspect of the game at any level of play.


Clinics can be done with the team or with individual athletes and in some cases in conjunction with Coach-run practices. 

Clinics can be geared towards:

  • Skills development

  • Systems

  • Mental toughness

  • Mental Focus

  • Resiliency 

  • Mental training



In-practice coach consult:

  • We come in and observe a practice, or series of practices, to give feedback on how to better any aspect of the practice. An in-person discussion is held soon thereafter and a report is given with suggested steps laid out for the coaching staff. 

Game Coach Consult:

  • We come and watch the team in competition and give feedback soon after the competition in oral and written form to help guide the coach in his/her management of their squad. With follow-up after the next competition.

Team Season Consult:

  • Where we come in and essentially shadow a team's coaching staff throughout a season. The coaching staff would have access to open communication with us for continual feedback and consulting purposes. 


Player Consult:

  • Dealing with the personal success-driven athlete

  • Dealing with the
    low-confidence athlete

  • Dealing with the high-potential and low-motivation athlete 

  • Dealing with the low-commitment athlete 



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